Creative Technologist

Marco Tempest

Accenture Luminary and Extended Reality Lead Consultant (EALA)

Marco Tempest is a Creative Technologist at the NASA | Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a Director’s Fellow at the MIT MediaLab and the Founder and Director of the MagicLab in New York City. As a regular speaker at TED conferences he is known for his work with digital technologies to create immersive, and often astonishing, experiences. Marco is continually looking for innovative ways to use technology to broadcast information and engage audience attention.

Marco has a proven record of using digital technologies to communicate with audiences in astonishing ways. ‘We are competing for attention and those with the most captivating messages will win.’ He draws from a wide range of inspirations and is a keen advocate of the open source community, working with writers, artists, and technologies to create new digital experiences. His current interest lies in using digital technology to prototype the future.



Extended Reality, Design, Marketing, Emerging Tech, Leadership, Strategy



Directors Fellow, MIT Media Lab

Creative Technologist at the NASA | Jet Propulsion Laboratory

MagicLab, Founder & Director

Cultural Leader World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos

Special Fellowship, Academy of Magical Arts (Honorary)



World Technology Award, Contemporary Art

World Magic Award, Best Contemporary Magic

Merlin Award, Best Contemporary Magician

Mandrake d’Or "Oscar of Magic"